Friday, October 14, 2005

The Boring Welcome Letter :)

Since my childhood, I loved conveying what I believe to others, trying to influence public opinion (huh!), and I can't express my joy after seeing someone or something changing. (Probably you know why I didn't vote for Husni Mubarak in the Egyptian elections!)

I was very hesitant to start my own blog, I had my own reasons, but I changed myself!

- Blogs for losers and ex-journalists: Lots of geeks are blogging, and after following blogs in the region, I found that a lot of them are very thoughtful and entertaining.

- You won’t update it: If people are visiting it, I will update it, and If I don't update it no one will sue me :)

- You aren’t a celebrity: Who said I need to be one! :), I’m enjoying being myself, if anyone likes to read it that will be cool, and if not, then at least I'm building up what will bring the sense of humour for my future generation :)

Anyway, have fun reading my posts!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger A Mans said...

Well you havent been updating it as you least for the past few days..I have been checking it waiting for some updates!!!
I am interested to read more about your ideas which you want to influence the world by :)

At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Mamdouh Badr said...

Celebrity got really upset and decided to go after you lol


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